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Chairmen: Ioan Stefan Florian (Romania), Bruno Zanotti  (Italy)

08.30 Osteointegration in cranial reconstruction, Roberto Stefini (Italy)

08.40 Homologous banked bone grafts for the reconstruction of large cranial defects in pediatric patients, Giuseppe Talamonti, Gabriele Canzi, Davide Sozzi, Marco Picano (Italy)

08.50 Cranioplasty implants using three-dimensional printers and polymethyl-methacrylate casting, Virendra Sinha (India)

09.00 Outcome analisys of cranioplasty: a single-center experience on PEEK, Angelo Pompucci, Ginevra Federica D’Onofrio, Flavia Fraschetti, Francesco  Signorelli, Gianluca Trevisi, Carmelo Anile (Italy)

09.10 Cranioplasty with polypropylene-polyester knitwear prostheses prepared according to patient’s CT scans- experiences with 200 patients with 12 months follow-up, Piotr Kasprzak (Poland)

09.20 Multicenter post-marketing surveillance study on CUSTOMBONE SERVICE in a specific pediatric age group (7-13 years old), Paolo Frassanito, Angelo Nataloni, Valentina Canella, Luca Massimi, Gianpiero Tamburrini, Massimo Caldarelli (Italy)

09.40 A thin but strong and easy to handle custom-made cranioplasty: EBM technology for skull bone defects reconstructions, Natale Francaviglia, Francesco Meli, Gabriele Costantino, Alessandro Villa (Italy)

09.50  Complication of cranioplasty, Ioan Stefan Florian (Romania)

10.00 Cranioplasty and ventriculomegaly: lessons learned from the past and the development of a strategy for complication avoidance, Konstantinos Fountas (Greece)

10.10 Timing, Corrado Iaccarino (Italy)

10.20 Impact of cranioplasty on neurorehabilitation, Rita Formisano (Italy)

10.30 Skin flap complications after decompressive craniectomy and cranioplasty: proposal of classification and treatment options, Alessandro Di Rienzo, Valentina Liverotti, Roberta Benigni, Maurizio Gladi, Maurizio Iacoangeli (Italy)