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Welcome message from the Meeting Chairmen

An unforgettable Neurosurgical Week in Naples !

We have the great honour and pleasure to inform you that Naples will be a venue for a special week of the Neurological Surgery in June 2018, with the 2nd Congress of Mediterranean Association of Neurological Surgeons (MANS) on 18 and 20 and the International Conference on Recent Advance on Neurotraumatology (ICRAN) from 20 to 22 June, which will be held in the same venue, the Congress Center of the Hotel Royal Continental, located in the spectacular and unique seafront of the world, the Gulf of Naples.
Naples’ Tradition, Culture and History will fascinate and enchant you just like all its visitors since the last centuries. Sunny, lively and simply memorable. Naples is a perfect venue to host these special scientific events, which will bring surgeons from all over the world together, personally and professionally, under a unique spirit.

Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity to have your organization recognized by a global audience!

We invite you to sponsor these special events.
Have your company brand seen by hundreds of delegates, drive awareness of your products and services, network with industry professionals from around the world and foster relationships with colleagues from every sector of our industry including Science, Academia, and Business in an effort to drive overall industry collaboration. This is your opportunity to showcase your organization, your products and your capabilities on an international stage!

This document outlines the sponsorship opportunities available for both MANS and ICRAN Congress. The benefits of each level of opportunity are detailed. However, we can work with organizations to tailor or customize in an effort to best support your marketing goals and budget for both of them or just one of two.

Of course special opportunities will be offered to companies who support both the events!

Corrado Iaccarino and Paolo Cappabianca
ICRAN 2018 Conference Chairmen 

Francesco Tomasello
MANS 2018 Congress President