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There is an ancient Neapolitan practice called “suspended coffee“, it is a random act of kindness whose origins remain murky1-4.
It was used in the bars of Naples, when a person takes a coffee and he paids two, for those who would come later and could not pay for it. This Neapolitan tradition that boomed during World War II has found a revival in recent years during hard economic times.
It was a coffee offered “to humanity”. From time to time someone appeared at the door of the bars and asked if there was “a suspended coffee” and often received a smile in return.
On May 22, 2015, the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) adopted resolution WHA68.15, ‘‘Strengthening emergency and essential surgical care and anesthesia as a component of universal health coverage (UHC)’’
This is the first ever resolution addressing the gaps in public health due to lack of surgery and anesthesia services at primary level. This resolution is expected to stimulate improvements in the provision of surgical and anesthesia services and the quality of surgical information, data collection, and analysis.
Implementation of technical updated knowledge for a skilled workforce is mandatory to achieve efficacy results. Worldwide meeting as ICRAN should work to reduce the gap of accessibility to the professional updating due to lack of economic resources.

ICRAN2018 is held in Naples
For this reason it will be adopted the practice of “Suspended cofFEE”

With this act of solidarity it is possible to pay a registration fee for neurosurgeons or anesthesiologist intent to participate to ICRAN2018, but with limited economic resources especially in relation to the country of origin.
All participants of ICRAN2018 well know how is fruitful to share knowledge and experiences in worldwide forum with as much people as possible, so they will be motivated to help the less lucky colleagues.
This invititation to donate is extended not only to all participants of ICRAN2018, but to all people able to click the below buttons
-Registration fee for residency/students 100 euros (Discount for Suspended cofFEE)
-Regular registration fee 300 euros (Discount for Suspended cofFEE)
-Free donation …. euros


Thank you in advance for your support !!!

take a cof”FEE”